Top 5 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2017

The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

UpdateWow – the stand up paddle board industry changes so fast! We updated this post on 8/5/2017 to include the latest and greatest. Hope you enjoy!

The popularity of inflatable stand up paddle boards, or more popularly known as iSUPs, has exploded over the past few years. With the increased demand, manufacturers have developed a wide array of new, innovative board shapes and sizes. As such, it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine who makes the best inflatable stand up paddle board.

Before we get into our iSUP rankings, lets talk about why iSUPs are so popular.

Paddlers love how convenient and easy to use inflatable SUPs can be. Traditional hard paddle boards can often be heavy and difficult to transport. With inflatable SUPs, you can go from backpacking to paddling in less than ten minutes. The ease of transport is their biggest perk as you can deflate them and store them in a bag to fit in your car easily. You no longer need to put a board on the roof rack of your car or inside the bed of your truck.

Made up of heavy-duty urethane or other tough construction materials, these boards can take more abuse than you’ll ever be able to throw at them. These inflatables don’t chip, dent, or crack at all.

They aren’t even that expensive! You can purchase most of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards for less than $500. These typically come with everything you’ll need to get started – a paddle, pump, and carry bag.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about the top five inflatable SUPs that you can get in 2017!

Best iSUP’s of 2017

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 iSUP

Editor choice Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

What's the Special about the Tower Adventurer iSUP? If you want the rigidity of a hardboard and the ease of use of an ...

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The Tower Adventurer 2 is the closest you can get to a standard fiberglass standup paddle board while still being inflatable. It’s not just tough and rugged, but it’s near impossible to damage one of these. Getting a scratch, crack, or dent on it is going to be quite a challenge.

Main features

There are a multitude of reasons the Tower Adventurer 2 made our list of best inflatable stand up paddle boards. But, the best feature of this  iSUP has to be its tough construction. The Tower Adventure 2 iSUP is made with the industry standard materials and methods – military grade PVC with drop stitch construction. But, this board seems to hold up way better than most so getting a tougher inflatable SUP is near impossible.

It’s 6″ when fully inflated and can carry a mind boggling 400 pounds!  That means you can use it as a tandem paddle board or just carry a whole lot of gear. Although it can withstand high pressure and inflate to a full 25 PSI, we’ve found it’s still rigid at just 12 PSI.


  • When fully inflated this iSUP measures 10’4″ long x 6″ thick x 32″ wide.
  • Military-grade PVC construction with drop stitching makes it the toughest inflatable SUP available.
  • You can use it in rough conditions such as surfing or river rapids.
  • Max weight limit is 400 pounds, making it ideal for tandem use.
  • Inflation pump, adjustable three-piece aluminum paddle, three fins, a patch kit and a carry bag also included.
  • The deflated size of the SUP is 1″ in length and 33″ in width, weighing only 25 pounds.
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PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best value PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Buying an iSUP is getting more challenging day by day. The amount of variety available on the market has exploded, ...

User rating:

The PEAK iSUP is a new SUP by ISLE Surf. It packs all the features and quality construction you’d expect from an ISLE paddle board without costing as much as other iSUPs on the market. Unfortunalty, the PEAK iSUP is only available online so you won’t be able to see it before you buy it.

When fully inflated, the PEAK iSUP has a 6″ thickness. You’ll find it’s super rigid and stable, making it really easy to paddle.

A common issue among inflatable SUPs is that they do not offer the same rigidity as a conventional hard board and therefore, lack the stability and are harder to paddle. You’ll be pleased to learn the PEAK iSUP is hard as a rock when fully inflated. It’s perfect for things like fishing, light surfing or SUP yoga.

Main featuresthe PEAK iSUP made our list of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards

Featuring the drop stitch construction, the PEAK inflatable paddle board offers great rigidity and performance. Being made from military grade PVC, you’ll find it’s very tough and durable as well. You can expect it to hold its own against scratches and nicks.

Despite its rigid and tough construction, the paddle board’s top surface is easy to grip and soft but won’t puncture easily. The iSUP can easily support up to 300 pounds easily and even more if you’re okay with the board riding lower in the waves.


  • Inflated size is 10′ 6″ long x 31″ wide x 6″ thick
  • One of the lightest iSUPs when deflated – only 23 pounds!
  • It comes with all accessories such as an adjustable paddle, a leash, and a high-volume air pump.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day return policy also included.
  • Super durable military grade construction with drop stitching.
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PathFinder Inflatable SUP 9’9″

PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

If you're already overwhelmed by the amount of new inflatable paddle board brands and boards available, then you came ...


PathFinder 9’9″ inflatable SUP is a portable and easy-to-store SUP that can inflate up to 15 PSI. It’s one of the most popular inflatable boards out there thanks to its comfortable large deck and a bungee that is provided for securing onboard cargo.

What makes the PathFinder iSUP one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards is it’s amazing value. It receives a lot of praise from reviewers for its light weight and impressive durability and performance. The result is one of the most affordable inflatable stand up paddle boards that has been designed for durability and comfortable surfing performance.

Main featurespathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board

The board is as durable as an inflatable SUP can get thanks to its PVC construction and multilayer drop stitch pattern. This enables two PVC layers to be bound together, making them incredibly strong and rigid but flexible enough to compress when deflated.

The board is very long-lasting due to its drop-stitch construction and PVC build. The bungee for securing cargo on the board is also provided, while a leash can be easily attached as well. Besides, it offers accessories such as a hand pump and paddle to give more value for its affordable price.


  • It measures 9′ 9″ long x 5″ thick x 30″ wide when fully inflated.
  • It’s ideal for a wide range of water conditions and it’s a long-lasting inflatable SUP.
  • PVC material and multilayer drop-stitch construction give it amazing durability.
  • D-ring for leash attachment and bungee for securing cargo onboard.
  • Aluminum paddle, detachable center fin, hand pump, carry bag with straps and valve wrench also provided with the SUP.
  • Large deck pad.
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Ten Toes theWEEKENDER iSUP Review

theWEKENDER iSUP Overview The Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is one tough SUP. Rough handling? ...

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theWEEKENDER inflatable stand up paddle board is a fantastic iSUP designed for paddlers of all skill levels. The board’s manufacturer, Ten Toes Board Emporium, has managed to produce a board that is both rugged and easy to use. theWEEKENDER iSUP offers a fun, stable board that performs and tracks well on both flat water and small waves.

ten toes theweekender isup colors

The Ten Toes theWEEKENDER iSUP is available in 5 awesome colors!

Main features

Like most boards, theWEEKENDER iSUP is made with high-grade PVC material and features drop stitch construction making it very rigid and durable. theWEEKENDER inflatable paddle board has more girth when compared to similar iSUPs. When fully inflated, it measures 10′ long x 30″ wide x 6″ thick. It’s added size provides a much smoother paddling experience comparable to a traditional fiberglass or epoxy SUP. You’ll find theWEEKENDER one of the most stable and easy to use boards available.

Despite it’s size, theWEEKENDER iSUP is extremely portable. It deflates and rolls up into a compact package measuring 11″ x 36″.  In addition, theWEEKENDER features a comfortable traction pad, D-rings and bungee for storage, fins, and a leash.

ten toes theweekender isup rolled up

theWEEKENDER iSUP is super compact when deflated and rolled up.


  • When fully inflated, measures 10′ long x 30″ wide x 6″ thick.
  • Accessories include a lightweight 3-piece paddle, hand pump with an integrated pressure gauge, and 3 removable nylon fins.
  • Anti-slip deck pad provides a comfortable paddling experience.
  • Available in 5 awesome colors (black, blue, green, pink, and seafoam)
  • Multiple D-rings and bungee make onboard storage easy.
  • theWEEKENDER weights only 27 points but can support up to 275 points!
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Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddle Board

Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP

Competition in the inflatable stand up paddle board industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is great for customers as ...

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Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure SUP is a paddle board that offers exceptional performance, durability, convenience and value in the same package. It is an amazing all-around standup paddle board that is 10′ 6″ long, 30″ wide, and 4″ thick.

It also comes with a mesh backpack, removable seat, an adjustable paddle, high-pressure hand pump, board leash and a pressure gauge. All these accessories and its already affordable price make it one of the most reasonable SUPs out there. Weighing only 27 pounds, it’s a SUP that can carry weight up to 250 pounds.

Main features

the sportsstuff 1030 adventure the PEAK iSUP made our list of the best inflatable stand up paddle boardsThe Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure SUP is defined by its durability and light weight. Despite its 4-inch thickness, the board can support up to 250 pounds easily, and it has been praised for its amazing strength and the fact that it never buckles or goes underwater.

Its another strength is the fact that it comes packed with useful accessories that you, otherwise, would have to spend extra to get. Not many other SUPs give you a removable seat AND a mesh backpack.


  • Measures 10′ 6″ long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick.
  • This inflatable SUP is extremely convenient and durable.
  • Features anti-skid EVA pads that ensure secure footing while boarding.
  • Supports up to 250 pounds despite its meager 4″ thickness.
  • Accessories include mesh backpack, adjustable aluminum paddle, removable seat, hand pump, tow rings, pressure gauge, board leash, valve wrench and fins.


While all the inflatable stand up paddle boards mentioned above are great, Tower Paddle Boards still reigns supreme. The Adventurer 2 inflatable stand up paddle board is the best board you can buy right now.