Stand Up Paddle Board Resources

Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Resources

Pro Surf/SUP

Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association: A professional organization consisting of some of the top SUP’ers in the world. SUPAA helps provide a level playing field and standard rules for all paddlers to follow.

World Paddle Association: Launched in 2010, WPA has helped grow the competitive side of the industry by standardizing the rules and regulations for SUP events.

World Surf League: Home of the men’s and women’s professional surf competitions. Fantastic live coverage of events from around the world.

Surf Forecasts

Surfline: Surf forecasts and reports from around the world. Trusted source of the World Surf League. It is a go-to stand up paddle board resource

Magicseaweed: With a combination of live human reports and forecast models that update four times a day, MSW provides some of the most accurate surf forecasts you can find.

SUP Discussions

Surfing Waves: A quality resource for all things surf and SUP including how-to’s, discussion forums, surf/SUP shop, and coverage of competitive events.

Stand Up Zone: A friendly community forum providing open discussion on surf and SUP topics.

SUP Destinations


North Coast Outpost: A SUP rental company with a focus on paddle boards and kayaks located in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio


Kahalu’u Bay Surf: Get Big Island surf lessons and rentals in Kona, Hawaii.

SUP Brands

ISLE Surf and SUP: A passionate, scrappy startup that turned into one of the largest surf and SUP companies in the world.

NSP: A staple amongst the surf and SUP community, NSP has been around for a long time providing great surfboards and paddle boards.

Tower Paddle Boards: A top SUP brand providing some of the highest quality, lowest cost SUP’s on the market.