XTERRA iSUP 10′ Package Review

XTERRA iSUP 10′ Package Review
8.5 Total Score
  • Very rigid when inflated
  • Easy to setup
  • Paddle quality is excellent

The XTERRA iSUP is Great!

Are you crazy about stand up paddle boarding? Then you’ll love to know that the XTERRA isup is an amazing buy and here’s why.

The Xterra inflatable stand up paddle board bundle comes complete with the SUP board itself, pump, paddle and a backpack for easy transport. 

Once inflated this stand up paddle board is very rigid and won’t buckling under your weight. Just be sure to pump it up to its max indicated PSI and it will be strong enough to carry you out into some mid-sided surf. It makes it strong enough to resist a bit of wave current and enhances maneuverability as you go on.

Whatever your goal may be, paddling makes it great to enhance your body shape, raise your physical fitness or just have fun. The summer time better spent when you can spend time in the outdoors, or even better, out on the water!


  • The XTERRA iSUP measures 10′ long, 5.5″ thick and 30″ wide.
  • It’s lightweight; it weighs only 39.6 pounds! That’s so light that even kids can carry it.
  • It’s formed from a military grade rigid drop-stitch being also reinforced as a double-sided.
  • It has a 1-year manufacturer warranty that protects the product against unusual tear and wear.
  • It also includes a 30-day money back guarantee from Amazon so you can buy and return in case you don’t like the product.

This summer get serious about your stand up paddle boarding with the Xterra inflatable stand up paddle board. Now you can get this SUP board and start to enjoy more your time on the water. Move away from the safe shoreline and paddle out to the deeper water with this very solid and rigid paddle board. Don’t worry, this board is so solid that it won’t buckle under you. Just be sure to pump it up to its max of about 15 PSI and you’ll be ok.

Parents that want to have their kids in the best physical form and interested in water sports can start by giving their kids this as a present. This will allow their kids to learn fundamental stand up paddle boarding skills like balancing on the water and moving according with the waves’ flow.

That said, the Xterra Wetsuits stand up paddle board is ideal for anyone. It doesn’t matter your level of experience, just pump it up and hit the water. If you have plans to start engaging sea sports like surfing or kiting, stand up paddle boarding will lay a solid foundation that will allow you to get used to the very initial perspective without the hassle to have to train too hard. Simply start paddling and experiencing what the water has to offer!

More on XTERRA

XTERRA Boards is actually part of the larger XTERRA brand which you might know for active ware, wetsuits, eye ware, and workout equipment; treadmills, elipticals, bikes, etc. “Born on the Beach” in 1996 in Maui, XTERRA has continually grown and expanded their product offerings to all things related to the outdoors and fitness. They sponsor over 250 events in over 20 different countries making them one of the worlds well known brands in the fitness and endurance sector.


XTERRA makes some of the best SUPs on the market (especially the one 10′ SUP package we reviewed above we can’t recommend it enough!) When it comes to getting their SUP boards to customers they take care of everything within the supply chain, from soup to nuts. XTERRA manufactures, distributes and sells their boards directly to the customer allowing them to cut out any unnecessary costs to keep their price as low as possible – this is great for consumers! In addition to a 1-year warranty, buyers can request a free repair kit for up to.. wait for it… 5 YEARS! These are just a few reasons XTERRA SUP boards are a great value.

If you like what you see, follow xterraboards on Instagram.  Below some some great shots of the 10′ XTERRA iSUP we reviewed above.

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Kona. No other words necessary.

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8.5 Total Score
Great All Around!

This XTERRA inflatable stand up paddle board package comes with the board, a paddle, hand pump, and carry backpack. These iSUP's are very durable and a great all around board to add to your quiver.

  • Very rigid when inflated
  • Easy to setup
  • Paddle quality is excellent
  • Hand pump is weak
User Rating: 3.36 (11 votes)
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