Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP

Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP
9 Total Score
  • Unparalleled quality
  • Complete iSUP package
  • Amazing customer support
  • Lowest price

Competition in the inflatable stand up paddle board industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is great for customers as prices for boards have fallen precipitously over the past few years. Our review today covers the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – the most affordable iSUP currently available on Amazon.

The Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP is another example of diversification within the industry. This paddle board is made by Kwik Tek, parent company of popular brands such as Airhead SUP and Dry Pak Gear. If you choose to purchase a Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP, you’ll be supported by a world class iSUP organization. Kwik Tek has been in business for over 26 years and provides fantastic customer service.

TL;DR Don’t want to ready the whole article? Here are the quick specs:

  • Measures 10’6″ x 30″ x 4″ when fully inflated
  • Maximum capacity of 250 lbs
  • Large anti-skid deck pad
  • Comes with paddle, pump, leash, and removable seat
  • Really unique color scheme
  • Lowest price on Amazon!

Ready for the more?

Below is a comprehensive review of the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, the most affordable iSUP available on Amazon! It includes a breakdown of board and accessories, pros and cons, and our final review score.

woman riding sportsstuff 1030 adventure inflatable stand up paddle board

Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Board

When you see the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure inflatable stand up paddle board, it really makes an impression on you. With it’s distinctive orange, blue, and green color scheme, you’ll see this paddle board coming from a mile away.

When fully inflated, this iSUP measures 10’6″ x 30″ x 4″ and weights a little less than 34 pounds. It inflates to 15 PSI and has a total weight capacity of 250 pounds. The deck is lined with a large anti-slip pad to help you maintain your footing while paddling.

At first glance, the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP looks and feels similar to other boards in the industry, but there are some key differences that make this board stand out. Kwik Tek has perfected the latest enhancements in drop-stitch technology which they’ve dubbed, X-Cross technology. Inflatable paddle boards equipped with X-Cross are 20% stronger that boards without X-Cross. As a result, customers will find the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure, built with X-Cross, is way more durable than other boards in it’s class.


sportsstuff 1030 adventure isup accessoriesThis Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure paddle board package comes with everything you need to get on the water, fast! Other iSUP packages might be lacking some critical accessories like a leash or a travel bag, but not the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure. It include both of these accessories and more.

This iSUP package comes an adjustable paddle, manual hand pump, and carry backpack. The paddle and pump are pretty standard but get the job done. The paddle is adjustable so it can be adapted to the paddler’s height.

What makes the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure different is the inclusion of a leash and detachable chair. You’d be surprised on how many stand up paddle board packages we review that do not include a leash. When it comes to safety, a leash is probably the most important accessory to use. We were happy to see it was included with this iSUP.

The detachable chair was probably our favorite accessories, and one that you don’t normally see included with an iSUP package. It easily attaches to your board with hooks and allows you to sit while you paddle.

All of the aforementioned accessories fit nicely into the mesh carry backpack that comes with the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure.

What We Love <3

First and foremost, we love the superior build quality of the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure paddle board. Unlike other boards, this SUP has no reports of defective or busted seams. It’s a really great value, especially since the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure is one of the lowest priced paddle boards out there.

We also simply ADORE the removable chair that comes with the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure iSUP. It really adds another dimension to your paddle boarding. With it, your paddle board can functions similar to a kayak, adding hours of additional fun to your paddling adventures. If you plan on using the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure with the chair option often, we’d recommend picking up a dedicated kayak paddle. Our favorite is the 84″ SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle.

What Could Be Better

Customers have reported the paddle being heavier than expected. It also doesn’t float. So, if you’re using it in deeper water, be sure to hold on tight!

As with most inflatable stand up paddle boards, the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure can be challenging to inflate. The last dozen or so pumps can be difficult as the pressure builds in the board. We’d recommend an electric pump like the Sevylor 12V SUP Pump.


Have ever you heard the expression, “you get what you pay for?” Typically this implies the less you spend, the lower the quality of the end product. We’re happy to say that this is NOT the case here. We were blown away by the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure inflatable stand up paddle package. The completeness of the package (i.e. including a leash and chair) and the amazing build quality make this a highly recommended purchase!


Want more?

Check out the Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure inflatable stand up paddle board in action!

9 Total Score
Lowest Price!

The Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure inflatable stand up paddle board is an amazing deal. Its the most affordable, iSUP package available on Amazon complete with SUP board, paddle, pump, carry backpack, leash, and removable seat.

  • Unparalleled quality
  • Complete iSUP package
  • Amazing customer support
  • Lowest price
  • Paddle is heavy and does not float
User Rating: 3.12 (57 votes)

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