Solstice Bali SUP Review

Solstice Bali iSUP Description

Anyone seeking to learn paddling will agree that the inflatable stand up paddle board from Solstice is one of a kind. This Solstice Bali inflatable stand up paddle board (10-Feet 8-Inches) is a robust board, easy for set up, light to carry and rigid for hardcore paddling.

  • It has 4 stainless tie downs that make strapping easy and secure.
  • Dimensions are 34.5 x 12 x 18 inches and weighs only 39.4 pounds. So light that even a kid can carry it.
  • It’s very rigid and strong making it capable of enduring hard hits to rocks and the shore.
  • Very durable having 1000 denier made with 3 ply PVC that is also reinforced in fabric material.
  • The full pack includes the paddle board, carry bag, pump and gauge.

This paddle board is 2 inches thicker than the average and for its price it is very affordable. Its thickness ensures that the board is strong and rigid when inflated but still provides a good feel when riding the waves.

The Solstice is a great board for beginners. It provides a sturdy platform allowing newcomers to find their balance and learn the basics of the SUP paddling stroke. This is a key skill everyone who stand up paddle boards will need to learn if they want to advance in the sport.


Solstice Bali Stand Up Paddle BoardIn general, stand up paddle boarding will increase your fitness level and cardiovascular health. For those looking for a fun, low impact activity that is not running on a treadmill for hours?  Stand up paddle boarding may be it! The Solstice Bali iSUP is very easy to travel with and can be used for daily training on rivers and lakes but it is also strong enough to take out in the open ocean when the surf isn’t to big.

Traveling with the Solstice inflatable stand up paddle board couldn’t be easier. It rolls up and fits into a small backpack that is light weight and easy to cary. Inflating it takes only a few minutes and you’re setup for hours of fun! All finished? The Bali stand up paddle board deflates in a matter of seconds and is ready to be stored until your next adventure.

In Summary

The Solstice Bali iSUP is easy to travel with and quick to setup. When inflated the Solstice provides a sturdy platform and is great for anyone who wants to learn how to paddle board properly. At less than $500 (and shipped free from Amazon), the Solstice the perfect choice for the economical minded paddler.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Solstice Bali Stand Up Paddle Board directly from Amazon


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