The 11’ Shark All Round Cross iSUP Review

9 Total Score
  • Extremely rugged, durable, and reliable
  • Can support over 250 pounds
  • Easy to paddle; tracks really well

You’ve probably heard of Shark SUPs by now. They are widely renowned as the best inflatable stand up paddle boards in the whole WORLD.

And that’s not just a throw off statement. These paddle boards are the REAL THING. The cherry on top.

That’s why I was incredibly excited when I got one of their most-popular inflatable stand up paddle boards, the 11’ All Round Cross iSUP by Shark SUPs, to test and write a review on. And that’s why we’re here now. To give you my thoughts and experience on this magnificent paddle board package.

Let’s get right into it.

Key Shark All Round Cross iSUP Specs:

  • 11’ long, 34” wide, and 6” thick
  • Can support up to 264lbs (120Kgs)
  • Traditional 3-fin set up: 9” Center Box Fin and 2 Side Fins

Check out all of this amazing board’s specifications on Sharks Official Website.

The Board:shark isup paddle board

We’re talking about Shark here. But if you’re not familiar with what they do, here’s what this board is actually capable of:

This iSUP made from the highest quality Military Grade PVC. What this means is that this board (like all Shark SUP products) will last a looong time. You’ll probably never see this board tearing or ripping apart. It can stand to even the most extreme of conditions.

It’s fully UV Resistant, meaning that this iSUP is made to be exposed to sunlight. The color won’t fade over time, even under the magnifying effect of water on sunlight.

It has a thicker (0.9mm) rail. That’s thicker than most other brands (0.7mm usually). This means that the paddle board is stronger and more rigid providing an extra level of security.

Last, but not least, Shark offer a 3-Year Guarantee on all their products, including this one. This industry-leading practice is one of the reasons that make many people choose Shark SUPs.

Bottom Line:

The Shark All Around Cross is an amazing inflatable stand up paddle board for people who value quality. If you’re someone who just wants a great all-around iSUP the definitely check it out here.

shark isup backpack bag

Backpack fits everything inside neatly.


Now, when purchasing this beauty, you’re getting a TON more than just a paddle board.

Here’s what my package looked like when I received it:

shark isup shipping packaging

And here’s what I found inside:

shark isup package

You’re getting the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, a Shark Backpack, A High-Pressure Hand Pump, and a Repair Kit.

On top of that, it comes with a bonus waterproof phone case. How awesome is that!

Bottom Line:

Obviously, the board is incredible as is, but these only add to the awesomeness. Check it out here.

The Downsides:

Well, not everything can be perfect, sadly (Although this board is very close to perfection). Here are the things that you should be aware of when purchasing this iSUP:

It’s very large. This means that you’ll need to pump for a longer time. For optimal performance I’d recommend inflating this iSUP to over 18PSI. But pumping can become strenuous over 15PSI, so be aware.

Another thing is that the paddle can be very loose unless screwed correctly. That’s easily fixable by screwing it very tight though, so not much of a big deal.

Lastly, moderate winds will make it hard for you to paddle. That’s usually the case with most inflatable paddle boards, but I felt like I should mention it regardless.


All in all, the All Round Cross is an incredible inflatable stand up paddle board. Its high quality and durability alone are worth the investment. When you take into account everything else, it just becomes a great bargain. Despite the few downsides, I’d still recommend this iSUP board to anyone who’s looking for a top-notch product.

9 Total Score
Awesome Quality!

The Shark All Round Cross iSUP measures 11’ long, 34” wide, and 6” thick. This is sone of the durable boards we've ever seen. The package comes with everything you need; board, paddle, pump, and backpack PLUS a handy waterproof phone case.

  • Extremely rugged, durable, and reliable
  • Can support over 250 pounds
  • Easy to paddle; tracks really well
  • Difficult to paddle in windy conditions
  • Inflating past 15-PSI is difficult
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