Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 iSUP Review

Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 iSUP Review
8.5 Total Score
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Fantastic accessories
  • Very sturdy and extremely versatile

Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 iSUP with Electric Pump

After years of producing some of the best inflatable kayaks on the market, Sea Eagle has dipped into the inflatable paddle boards (SUP) market, and the results are impressive. The Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 (LB126) is one of the most reliable SUPs out there, with bomb proof construction and a ridiculous level of rigidity for an inflatable. The only real downside is the price tag, which puts it among the most expensive SUPs out there.

Quick Specs

  • Exterior: 381cm x 76cm x 15 cm
  • Board Thickness: 15 cm
  • Hull Weight: 11 kg
  • Load Capacity : 1 adult or 113 kg
  • Deflated: 81cm x 36cm x 25cm
  • Material: Reinforced Drop Stitch
  • Seam: Quadruple Overlap


  • Very sturdy
  • Fantastic accessories
  • Extremely versatile


  • Price
  • Not that fast
  • It’s not a hardboard

Sea Eagle has a range of packages available with the LongBoard 126. For now, we’re discussing their most expensive package, the LB126 with electric pump. The cheaper packages include the same board, but less glamorous accessories. The main reason to go for the more expensive option is to get the electric pump. It’s much easier to use than a cheaper foot pump, and means you can get onto the water quicker. Sea Eagle also throws in a top notch carbon fiber paddle, which is much lighter than cheaper aluminum alternatives. You’ll really notice the difference on longer outings, where a heavier paddle can really wear you down.

So what does it come with?

  • A backpack which makes transporting the LongBoard 126 a breeze
  • Carbon fiber SUP Paddle
  • BP12 single stage electric SUP pump
  • Manual Select SUP Pump
  • Slide in skeg
  • Repair kit

Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 removable skegLooking at the SUP itself, the design is flawless. With 6” thickness and 30” width, the LongBoard 126 is easily one of the sturdiest, most easy to use SUPs out there. Even beginners will find the LB126 a breeze to maneuver. Its ease of use makes the LB126 extremely versatile. It can be used pretty much anywhere, by anyone. It’s also very easy to set up, especially with the electric pump. Unlike some cheaper SUPS, the LB126 can be made ready for the water in minutes, and can be packed up just as quick. It packs down to a pretty compact size, and is easy enough to throw in the trunk of a car.

You’re probably wondering:

What are the downsides?

There’s really no serious downsides to the Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 – except the price. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more expensive SUP. The price seems well justified by the high quality of the board and its accessories. However, if you’re thinking about forking out over US$1000 for an SUP, it might be worth considering spending a little extra on a hardboard. This leads to the next major criticism of the LB126: it isn’t a hardboard. Despite being perhaps the sturdiest SUP ever to exist, the LB126 remains exactly that: an SUP. Although hardboard are much harder to transport, they’re also inevitably sturdier than any SUP can hope to be. Most people opt for SUPs over hardboards largely due to price, though the LB126 treads a fine line that may not appeal to everyone.

The final issue with the LB126 is that it isn’t particularly speedy. Naturally though, if you’re opting for an SUP, speed probably isn’t your biggest concern.

In conclusion, the Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 is the Rolls Royce of SUPS. It’s perfect in almost every way. However, the high price may not appeal to everyone.

About Sea Eagle

Based out of Port Jefferson, New York on Long Island, Sea Eagle Boats, Inc. has been in the water craft business for almost 50 years! Sea Eagle begin by selling inflatable kayak’s through catalogs (remember those big thick books you would get for free in the mail?) to big name stores like Sears, Eddie Bauer and Eastern Mount Sports just to name a few. Over the years Sea Eagle has gradually expanded their product line and now produce some of the finest quality stand up paddle boards on the market.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the LongBoard 126 iSUP in action below!

8.5 Total Score
Best in class!

The Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 is one of the best inflatable paddle boards you can buy. While the LB 126 is a bit pricer when compared to other boards on the market, it's quality is unmatched. If you can afford this board, it's well worth it.

  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Fantastic accessories
  • Very sturdy and extremely versatile
  • Higher price
  • Slower top speed
User Rating: 2.54 (13 votes)

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