PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review
8 Total Score
  • Very affordable
  • Super easy to inflate
  • Comfy deck and convenient storage
  • Stable for most paddlers

If you’re already overwhelmed by the amount of new inflatable paddle board brands and boards available, then you came to the right place! We break down the best iSUP’s available on the market. In this post we’ll cover a recent dark horse, the PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

One of the growing trends within the iSUP industry is for one company to release new boards, under different names, at various price points. This helps iSUP manufacturers diversify their product line and give customers a sense of choice. This PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board is just one example as it’s marketed under the PathFinder brand but is really made by Vilano Bikes. Vilano already puts out a wide range of fantastic inflatable paddle boards such as the Vilano Navigator and the Vilano Journey.

TL;DR Don’t want to ready the whole article? Here are the quick specs:

  • Measures 9′ 9″ long x 30″ wide x 5″ thick and weighs 35 lbs
  • Weight limit of 240 lbs
  • Cushioned deck pad and bungee cargo net for securing your gear
  • Package includes pump, paddle, and carry bag (but no leash)

Below we discuss in detail the PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, it’s main specifications, what we like and don’t like about it, and our final review.

pathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board is available in 2 colors, blue and orange

The PathFinder iSUP is available in two colors; orange (top) and blue (bottom).

PathFinder iSUP Overview

When purchasing an inflatable paddle board, customers have come to expect the full package. This PathFinder iSUP package does not disappoint. You’ll get the board (of course!), a high pressure pump, adjustable paddle, and carry backpack.

The Board

The PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board measures 9′ 9″ long x 30″ wide x 5″ thick and weights about 35 pounds. It’s not the lightest paddle board in it’s category, but it’s still light enough to be carried by all members of the family. It’s made with the de facto iSUP standard, military grade PVC with drop-stitch construction. Customers find it very rugged and durable. The board is available in two colors – blue and orange – and is decked out with white trim. It might sound funny to comment on the aesthetics of a SUP, but we have to admit, it’s a very good looking inflatable paddle board!

That said, big and tall paddlers might want to look elsewhere. The PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board has a weight limit of only 240 pounds. A heavier paddler with a load of gear (or cooler full of beer) will easily surpass this number. In general, the closer you are to the capacity of the board, the more difficult it is to paddle and maneuver. If you’re looking for a similar sized board that can carry more weight, check out the Tower Adventurer iSUP.

Board Features

This iSUP is designed with a few nifty features which should be mentioned. It makes use of a single removable fin which fits into the fin box on the bottom of the board and it’s really easy to use. You’ll simply use your thumb to slide a fin clamp back, insert the fin, and release the fin clamp to secure the fin in place.

This PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board also comes with a large, cushioned deck which will help keep you comfortable during those long paddling sessions. A bungee cord cargo net on the front of the paddle board offers a convenient place secure things like a cooler, fishing gear, or backpack.

pathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board accessories

The available Pathfinder iSUP accessories; hand pump, removable fin, pump valve and D-ring for leash, paddle, and carry bag (From left to right)

PathFinder iSUP Accessories

You’ll find the PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board comes with the standard iSUP accessories – a paddle, pump, and carry bag. Quite surprisingly, this iSUP does NOT come with a leash, so you’ll need to purchase one of these separately.

Tpathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board, womanhe paddle is an adjustable, 2-piece, aluminum paddle which can be taken apart for easy transport. You can modify this paddles length between 64″ and 85″. Unlike the board, it seems the PathFinder iSUP paddle is only available in orange.

The provided pump is a simple manual pump – no bells or whistles here. But, it gets the job done. Inflating the board only takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how fast and strong you pump. The manufacturer recommends inflating it to 15 PSI but customers have reported losing pressure as they attempt to cap the plug. Depending on how fast you can be, you might want to inflate it to 16-17 PSI to ensure best performance.

Similar to the pump, the carry bag is no frills. It’s a simple, one-strap bag with enough room to carry the board, paddle, and pump.

Things to Consider

Customers love this board – simple as that.  But there are a few issues which should be. Some owners have reported that this PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board does not track well (tracking is a measure of how straight the paddle board will stay). Additionally, the paddle you get isn’t of the greatest quality and some customers have noted it coming apart while paddling. Not good.

On the other hand, the PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board has received lots of great reviews. Customers love being able to purchase a quality board at an affordable price point. The PathFinder iSUP is an excellent all-around iSUP for a wide range of water conditions.


If we were reviewing just the the board provided with this PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board package, we would have probably rated it in the high 9’s. But, when we took into account the difficulties that we and other customers had with the accessories, we had to lower the overall score. However, the PathFinder is a great value and a highly recommended addition to anyones quiver.


8 Total Score
Amazing Value!

The PathFinder iSUP PEAK iSUP measures 9' 9" long x 30" wide x 5" thick and weighs 35lbs. It's available in two colors (blue & orange) and comes with a pump, paddle, and carry bag. It's VERY affordable and is a great all-around iSUP for the entire family.

  • Very affordable
  • Super easy to inflate
  • Comfy deck and convenient storage
  • Stable for most paddlers
  • Tracking is poor
  • Does not come with a leash
  • Low weight capacity
  • Poor quality paddle
User Rating: 4.06 (18 votes)

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