ISLE Airtech Explorer iSUP

ISLE Airtech Explorer iSUP
9.5 Total Score
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • 15 total D-Rings
  • Extremely sturdy, rigid, and durable

With sooo many inflatable stand up paddle boards out there on the market it’s become incredibly difficult to find the one that suits you.

Maybe you’re passionate about the topic, or maybe you just want to go to the beach and have fun in the water. Whatever the case is for you, with this ISLE Airtech Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board review, you’ll know everything about this magnificent paddle board.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the board, shall we?

ISLE Explorer iSUP Breakdown

isle airtech explorer isup package review

The ISLE inflatable stand up paddle board comes in a package that includes the following:

  • Paddle Board
  • 3 Piece Hybrid Travel Paddle
  • Hand Pump
  • Center Fin
  • Coil Leash
  • Sticker Pack
  • iSUP Backpack

The Board

Additionally, the board is made of Military Grade PVC. This, in combination with its 6” thickness makes it incredibly durable. The board has superior strength.

There are actually 2 sizes of this paddle board – 11’ and 12’ in length. Both are 32” in width and 6” thick. Other than that, the 12’ version is obviously larger in volume (272L, compared to the 238L of the 11’ one) and heavier (24lbs, compared to the 22lbs of the 11’ version).

Also, the 12’ board can support around 300lbs whereas the 11’ one supports around 275lbs. These values are the recommended ones from ISLE for beginners. Therefore, if you’re a veteran iSUP user you can exceed this capacity limit.

isle airtech explorer board review yellow

It’s important to note that this board is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Another important aspect of every paddle board is the looks. Sadly, the ISLE board comes in only Blue for the 11’ version and yellow for the 12’ version.

That being said, the board still looks incredible and the design definitely makes up for the lack of different color options.

The board also has a TON of incredible and unique features.

  • There are Nose and Tail Grab Handles that make transporting the paddle board a breeze. There’s also a grab handle in the center.
  • A Front and Rear Bungee that you can use to attach everything from sunglasses, a camera, snacks to the now required Coast-Guard mandated life vest.
  • Center and Tail stainless steel D-Rings. Those are perfect for attaching even more bungees to your inflatable stand up paddle board. You can also strap in your cooler or tackle box if you’re going for a longer ride.
  • A High Pressure Valve that easily lock into position after inflation. It also provides incredibly fast deflation for after use – under 5 minutes.

Lastly, the board is made using a unique Airtech Fusion-Lite construction. This new iSUP technology makes the board 30% lighter without compromising on quality. This inflatable stand up paddle board is very easy to move around.

riding the isle airtech explorer isup


As said before, you also get a Paddle, a Pump, a Coil Leash, a Sticker Pack, and a Backpack.

The paddle is made out of 3 pieces (like all iSUP paddles). The difference in ISLE’s paddle is that it has a carbon shaft / nylon blade adjustable travel paddle.

The pump is, obviously, a high pressure pump with a pressure gauge that inflates to 15PSI. Users have reported that fully inflating the board with this pump takes as little as 5 minutes which is great news (you don’t want to spend more time pumping and less time riding this awesome iSUP).

You also get a 10’ coil leash which costs $30 alone AND a manual and removable nylon snap in all around center fin.

Last, but definitely not least, is the inflatable carry backpack. It perfectly fits everything this board package has to offer and makes transportation simple. It also looks incredibly stylish.

iSUP Features

  • Two length options of 11′ or 12′ x 32” wide x 6” thick
  • Over 300lbs capacity
  • Comes with a 3-piece paddle, pump, backpack, and more
  • Airtech Fusion-Lite Construction


The ISLE comes with a 30-day money back guarantee on top of a 1-year manufacturer’s warrantee. This makes the whole purchase low-risk.

You shouldn’t worry about the board being defected since ISLE will take care of it swiftly.

Things To Consider

One unsatisfied user reported that upon careful inspection of the fins he found that on his board they were mounted 1/4th inch askew. For him this caused the board to very slightly turn thus rendering it unable to track completely straight.

That’s not a HUGE deal breaker, but it may prove a minor annoyance to some.

The good thing is that the user was able to get a full refund via the 30-day money back guarantee.

Another problem that users reported is with the pump not showing the PSI. That’s actually a misconception since the pump starts showing the PSI after the board is inflated to 10PSI (about 150-170 pumps). This causes minor confusion.


The ISLE Explorer iSUP is truly a magnificent paddle board. The technology used to create it, the unique qualities, and the accessories are 100% worth the investment. This board is just incredible and I’d always recommend it to anyone looking for a great iSUP.

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9.5 Total Score
Incredible iSUP!

The ISLE Explorer iSUP is one the best on the market. It’s great for beginners and experts alike and provides the user with a superb experience. If you’re looking for incredible quality and extreme comfort, then this paddle board is for you.

  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • 15 total D-Rings
  • Extremely sturdy, rigid, and durable
  • The pump starts listing the PSI only after the board is at 10PSI, causing confusion.
User Rating: 3.47 (19 votes)

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