Isle Airtech Touring Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

What makes the ISLE Airtech 12′ 6″ iSUP so good?

This inflatable stand up paddle board from ISLE is one of a kind. It rolls up to a very compact size making it extremely easy to carry while deflated. Inflated it is very slick with an awesome design. It comes from Amazon starting at just $799.00 and includes free gift wrap just in case you want to gift someone.

Being 6 inches thick this SUP board is inflatable up to 15 PSI turning rigid just like a standard surfboard. While riding it, it doesn’t buckle and withstands weights up to 300 pounds. This means you can ride solo or in pair.

Its tip is very thin so it makes easy for breaking waves as you ride out from the shoreline. This makes it very useful for experienced paddlers but also for those that are just beginning. If you’re new to paddling you can choose to just stay by the shore. This inflatable stand up paddle board makes it very easy to cruise on flat water so it works well on sea shorelines, rivers or lakes.


  • It is easily stored once deflated being rolled up and compacting to just under 1ft and 36 inches. While inflated it is 12’6″ x 31″ x 6″ and weighs just about 32 pounds.
  • Its slick design makes chopping through the water easy and supports long paddling.
  • It’s highly durable being resistant to damage or dings. This is for being made off of military grade material which makes it incredibly strong.
  • The full kit comes with the pump, paddle board, fins and repair kit. The pump also makes it easier to pump it up to 15 PSI which makes it strong and able to resist a lot of weight.
  • Also the 2-year manufacturer warranty protects it against tear and wear that’s out of the ordinary. This ensures that your money is safe. There is also the Amazon product guarantee of 30 days which makes acquiring it from Amazon also a breeze.

If you are just starting out in the paddling world this inflatable stand up paddle board is a very good fit for you. It is very reliable and makes learning possible since the board doesn’t buckle. You can attempt to just steer the board, paddle through the water against the current, you can attempt to break through the waves and since it is very solid it will hold you up all the way. This is incredibly important when you’re learning.

In Summary

This inflatable stand up paddle board includes all aspects that are needed to make paddling in the water a unique experience. Since it can hold up two people, you can also take turns while still on high water without having to have someone go back to the shore and take turns. You can simply take turns as you go. Just remember to have one staying low either in the sitting position or laying down for it will help to stable the board. To exchange turns simply have both sit down on the board and without even needing to change the edges, simply have the other person stand up and steer from his own edge. The bottom line is to just have fun.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this ISLE Airtech 12′ 6″ iSUP package directly from Amazon

Lets See it in Action!

ISLE Surf and SUP has a great collection of YouTube videos available for all their boards. Check out the one below which features the ISLE Airtech 12′ 6″ Touring iSUP.