Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Accessories

Stand up paddle boarding has already been recognized as a sport on its own. It has become so popular that it was default for sports lines to develop stand up paddle boarding accessories line to please its fans.

We have rounded up the bestselling stand up paddle boarding accessories today, and have come up with the top five. Use this review as your guide to know which one to buy first and which ones are actually worth your hard earned money.

The Best SUP Accessories

Waterproof Dry Bag

This accessory is a must-have not just when you are fond of stand up paddle boarding, but in all forms of water sports as well. It will keep all your prized possessions including your cellphone, camera, headphones, tablets, etc., dry while you enjoy the water. People using it have been raving about how durable it is, and could last for many years. You can just toss your things there, including gadgets, and do not worry about its safety. It is also made from a thick material, which can also secure the most sensitive gadgets—protecting them from abrasion and other damage. With its hardened rings you can attach to your boat, raft, or backpack, you can be sure that all your gadgets are always safe with you. It is great for water sports use, but can also come in handy when you are going to fishing, rafting, and camping trips. They keep your things safe and dry, while you bask in the thrilling waters and adventure.

Padded Carrier/Storage Strap

The beach can be quite crowded at times, so if you are fond of water sports, you must remember to make sure you always know where your things are. Too often, we cannot fully enjoy the water because of worrying about our things. The SUP padded carrier/storage strap also comes in handy when you prefer going to beach trips alone. No need to worry about losing your poise while holding your paddle board. It will also make bringing your gear easier and more comfortable. It is fully adjustable, too, so it is great for everyone, tall or not. With triple padded shoulder pads, carrying your gear would not affect your posture and would not be as tiring as it usually feels.It has two heavy duty Velcro straps that are so strong you can use them as handle when they are attached to your board.The makers of this accessory is a paddle boarder, too. They know what we need, so we know it is designed for us and our needs. Apart from paddle boards, these straps work best for surf boards as well. You’ll have one hand free as carrying your gear would not leave both hands full.


Deck Bag

It is best to have your essentials while having fun on the beach. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where your things are, and this deck bag makes that one easy for paddle boarders. Usually designed as a deck bag, it is meant to let you bring your essentials as you go to the shore. Since it is made of mesh, it is sturdy and can handle being a little wet. It has enough space for you to tote your wallet, important keys, and even a water bottle for when you get tired and thirsty but still do not want to leave the water. It is also equipped with four suction cups to be glued to your deck, so you are sure it is safe no matter the action. These suction cups stick so well on the board that it is even hard to take off. You can also place an energy bar in the bag to replenish whatever it is you lost after long hours of paddle boarding. The deck bag makes you feel everything you need is within arm’s reach, which is true.

Traction Pad

Since stand up paddle boarding is considered to be an adrenaline-rushing sport, so enthusiasts all find a way to make sure they stay safe while enjoying the thrills of paddling. Invest in a traction pad that has a good grip and would stay put no matter the action or the current of the water. Traction pads usually are adjustable, and can fit on any size of board. The versatile ones stick to your board no matter what. There are no slippage despite waves, and the adhesives do not slip until you are done for the day and decide to peel them off. Its grip on the board is also a great one, so you can move a little faster but still stay on the safe side.

Hand Pump

When traveling, we usually try to travel as light as we can. It is not wise to lunge around on trips with too much things to bring, more so if they are big ones. A hand pump is a must-have in stand up paddle boarding because of the many gears that would need inflation. Kayaks, boats, and other inflatables can be brought to the beach not fully inflated for easier travel. When you have a hand pump, you have the tool you need for emergency inflation when your inflatables encounter problems. It can also deflate them when you are done with the sport. Hand pumps are faster, quieter, and more portable than the bigger ones. It is perfect not just for water sports, but also for camping when you want to have as many tools as possible while still saving on space. The best thing is that it can fit on your travel bag effortlessly.

Stand up paddle boarding is complete with the thrills and frills any extreme water sport offers. You get wet and go on an adventure that involves the sea (or lake) and the sun. It is all fun, but safety should never be overlooked. These gears are designed for a safer, more satisfying stand up paddle board experience. Make sure you get them so you can fully enjoy the sport without worrying about your safety and your gadgets’. Enjoy!

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