What is the Best Paddle Board Size that Suits to Your Body Measurements?

What is the Best Paddle Board Size that Suits to Your Body Measurements?


Paddle Boarding is a rapidly growing sport not only in the US but in other parts of the world.  Watersport enthusiast finds this sport to be one of the best alternatives in water recreation activities. However, for some, especially newbies, they find it challenging to find the best paddle board that fits their body measurement.

So, how do you find the best paddle board that is suited for your height and weight? Choosing a paddleboard will depend on the type of paddle boarding activity you intend to do.  And of course, you have to consider your body weight to balance while surfing effectively.

Paddle Board Chart

Take a look at this chart to give you an idea of what is the suitable size of the paddle board you need:

Paddle Board Size Chart

Paddle Board Size Chart

Take note that the length of the paddleboard does not only depend on the weight of the rider but with other factors. Some factors include the kind of paddle boarding you want to do and if you’re going to bring along your dog who wants to do water activities with you.

The Different Kind of Paddle Boarding Activities

Here are some of the most common paddle boards that can best suit the activities you want. Learn some essential tips before you consider grabbing a paddleboard:

  1. All-Around SUP. For beginners, the best type of board to use are those with rounder nose and tail section. Length size is approximately between 9’6″ and 11’0″ while the width is around 30″ to 32″ full.  Great to use in different watersport activities.
  2. SUP Surfing. If you want to go surfing, go with a shorter paddle board with a narrow nose and tail.
  3. Yoga & Fitness SUP. For the fitness enthusiast, like if you want to do yoga while you are riding your paddle board, choose a full paddle board with at least 30″ to 31.” This paddleboard is best for maintaining stability and balance.
  4. Touring SUPs. And for those who want to use the paddle board for traveling a longer distance, go with a longer and narrower paddle board. These type of boards are better at maintaining course for flatwater paddling.


Maximum Weight Capacity of Your Paddle Board

You have to take note that when you buy a paddleboard, the most important thing to consider is “it should carry your weight.” Most paddleboards weigh around 30 pounds.  The lighter one is at 15 pounds while the heaviest will go up to 40 pounds.  Lighter boards are also a bit expensive but are not durable enough to withstand the weight especially for prolong use.

The maximum weight capacity of your paddle board is an excellent indicator of whether it is suitable for you or not.  Remember to keep some allowances, if in case you want to bring along someone with you during one of your surfing adventures.

Just take note that if your paddle boards cannot carry your weight, there is a high tendency that it will sink underneath you or it might ride too low in the water.  To avoid these bummer experiences, take a look at the volume chart and try to compute for yourself which paddle board size suits you well.

Paddle Board Weight Chart

Paddle Board Weight Chart

Does Your Heights Affect the Size You Choose for Your Paddle Board?

Your Heights is not an essential factor to consider in choosing a paddle board.  It is your weight that has an impact.  It is highly advisable to focus and know your weight capacity since it is an important indicator to be able to choose the right paddle board.

The overall shape of the board including your length and width will highly depend on the type of paddle boarding activity you want to do. Take into consideration your paddle board’s ability to float with weight on it, and that is the most important thing to consider.

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