Inflatable Paddle Board vs. Regular Hard Paddle Board

Inflatable Paddle Board vs. Regular Hard Paddle Board


Let’s face a dilemma that no one wants to talk about. We are here to help you differentiate the attributes of buying an inflatable paddle board versus buying a hard SUP! And we guarantee that by reading this article, you’ll consider purchasing an inflatable SUP for your next adventure.

Time passes by, and so does iSUP boards technology. Many innovations pop up every single day, but should you really trust these new ideas? Can we still rely on the traditional way of adventure, or is there more than meets the eye?

Professional or amateur, using iSUP will deliver you a wave of adrenaline. Dive into our list of 10 reasons to purchase an iSUP. But just be sure you apply sun screen after purchasing your first iSUP.

10 Reasons to Purchase an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


If you want to experience all your adventure in one shot, consider using an iSUP. It can be inside your backpack anytime, anywhere, even when you are hiking. You can use iSUP in remote paddle spots where a regular hard stand up board can’t be brought.


Inflatable Stand up paddle board are durable. Compared to regular SUP boards, inflatable stand up paddle boards aren’t prone to dings and water scratches. If a repair is needed regular SUP repairs are expensive and take time. On the other hand, many iSUP include a repair kit, which is cheap and is easy to use.


iSUP is much cheaper than regular hard stand up board. You can save a lot more money for other adventures when you use iSUP. Also, rentals and repairs won’t cripple your budget anywhere you go.


Roof racks are required if you are traveling with a regular hard stand up paddleboard. But with iSUP, you’ll just have to place it anywhere inside your car, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about setting up your iSUP because once you get to your destination, it will only take less than 5 minutes to pump your board quickly.


The weight of inflatable stand up paddle board is much lighter than a regular hard stand up paddleboard. iSUP is ideal for kids and adults that might find a regular hard SUP heavy.


Hard top boards should be cautious in white waters or rocky waters. An advantage to an inflatable board is that they are durable and dings don’t affect it like it would  a hard top.


Inflatable SUP boards will give you a safe but fun experience. It isn’t as hard as a regular stand up paddle boards. Therefore, in the event that you fail on your tricks or stunts, you won’t be hurt badly by falling on the board, or the board falling on you.


Worry no more because iSUP are easy to store. If you use iSUP, you will save much space for your other adventure kits. Also, you don’t have to find a large storage space for your iSUP because you just have to fold it like a sleeping bag and place it anywhere you want. Regular hard SUP, on the other hand, is hard, bulky, and consumes too much space.

  1. VALUE

It is guaranteed that inflatable stand up boards will still be in its original quality after going through many adventures. Regular hard stand up paddle boards are customizable, so you need to pay for covering up dings and scratches for it to be resold. On the other hand, iSUP maintains its quality and can last a long time, so you don’t need to pay much for it to be repaired for resale.


We mentioned traveling in your car with iSUP, but how about traveling through planes. iSUP surely can be handled anywhere. Easily pack down and neatly store your inflatable stand up board in your travel bag, and you’re on your way. You’ll touch down on your next adventure destination without paying an extra luggage fee.



There are many amazing features when you choose to obtain an inflatable SUP. These insights are significant advantages of an iSUP compared to a regular hard stand up paddleboard. Inflatable Stand up paddle board is ahead in terms of affordability, durability, and convenience.

If you are baffled on what type of board to purchase, we hope that we gave the possible features you are looking for. We recommend that you take time considering the advantages of the inflatable SUP.

Remember to stop by our inflatable paddle board reviews before making a purchase of either inflatable SUP or regular hard SUP.



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