iSUP: What’s the deal?

iSUP: What’s the deal?

Are Inflatable Paddle boards Worth the Buy?

iSUP Defined

The stand up paddle boarding continues to be a true favorite among water sports fans. It caters to the different users whether enthusiasts or beginners, however, as this sport continues some people complain about the space constraints for the size of big paddle boards. It takes up space people do not have and you need a truck or rack to transfer it.

Recently, the paddle board market has released inflatable paddle boards to solve the space issue. You can now easily pack down the board into your bag, inflate it, and head out to the water. Although these inflatable paddle boards are new to the market, they are still a fun and useful option for stand up paddle boarding.


Common Worries about iSUPs?

Some people tend to be skeptical when thinking of using inflatable paddle boards. They become suspicious whether inflatable paddle boards are strong enough to carry a 200-pound weight and some even wonder if these inflatable paddle boards can be as hydrodynamic as epoxy/foam/fiberglass constructed boards. Why do people worry about these things? Well, imagine pool toys. They tend to be soft and not be the most supportive. People wonder if an iSUP will be able to give them the support and enjoyment they want.

Another concern is whether this iSUP is durable enough. Just like the inflatable rafts carrying thousands of pounds while hitting against sharp rocks and traveling at fast speeds. Some people are thinking twice if the iSUP is also capable of handling pressure and force.


Do iSUPs Perform Well?

Although an inflatable paddle board is thicker than a traditional paddle board, the two do not differ greatly in the experience they provide. This only shows that the concerns surrounding the overall performance of iSUPs are based solely on assumptions and not on real experiences. iSUP technology is getting more impressive every season. More and more companies are creating quality inflatable stand up paddle boards. We try to review the most popular paddle boards and give you our review to help guide your decision.  While it is true that high-end and expensive paddle boards perform better than an iSUP, iSUP’s high performance should not be discounted. They have both durability, performance but most convenient space.



Using iSUP in your next paddle board activity has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It can be packed down into your bag. iSUPs are deflatable and foldable which can fit well inside your duffel bags. This means that you don’t need a roof rack in your car. You can simply put it in your trunk or car seat, and you’re good to go.
  • It is lightweight weighing less than 30 pounds. This is a huge plus for transportation. You don’t need to carry heavy paddle boards with you all the way to the beach.
  • It’s great for beginners and is safe to use. While they inflate hard, you won’t break skin or experience serious injury when bumping into the board, as they are generally soft.


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