Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUP) of 2016

Top Three Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2016

The popularity of stand up paddle boarding has exploded over the past few years. As a result a flood of new companies have entered the scene trying to sell all sorts of SUP and iSUP boards. With so many iSUP boards out there, it can be difficult to choose the best inflatable stand up paddle board for you. Fear not – the Stand Up Paddle Board Guide has you covered!

Inflatable stand up paddle boards can be used by paddle boarders of all experienced levels. iSUPs are the best option for flat days but can also be used in larger surf.

An iSUP is much easier to transport than a rigid board. Inflatable stand up paddle boards can usually be rolled up into a small to medium sided backpack, and fit easily into the trunk of a car. The best inflatable SUP boards are usually made of heavy duty PVC making them durable and very long-lasting. Most iSUP packages come with a paddle and a pump which, with a few quick pumps, can easily inflate your board. In a matter of minutes, you’re ready to paddle around and see the sights.

Below are our hand picked, Top Three iSUP Boards of 2016. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or just getting into the sport, any of these thee iSUP boards should be perfect for your needs.

The Best iSUP BoardsCustomer ReviewsStar RatingPrice

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9' 10" SUP
Tower Paddle Board Adventurer

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Ten Toes iSUP Stand Up Paddle Board


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Aqua Marine Vapor Inflatable SUP

Aqua Marina Vapor

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